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Best Songs: Tell Me What To Do, If You Love Her

Best Songs: Feel Good, Don’t Stop, U Need Me

Best Songs: View, Farewell My Love, Alive, Woof Woof

"The Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality - or - MBLAQ recently released their first full album, "BLAQ Style."  It took the boys a while, but they're finally here, ripped and ready for your enjoyment. For what it is, "BLAQ Style" is MBLAQ's cleanest…

"Appearing for the first time as a trio, MBLAQ has dropped their new summer release, "Mirror." Seung Ho, GO, and Mir continue to bring it after the departures of Lee Joon and Thunder. . . . "Read entire review on Evernote

"The mini album, titled 'Broken,' dropped this past Monday on the 24th. I was a bit wary of hearing another single like "Smoky Girl" on this album, but thankfully my fear proved unfounded. . . . "Read entire review in Evernote

"Proving they are anything but 'Broken,' MBLAQ returns with their 7th mini-album 'Winter.' I've heard that they won't be promoting the new mini-album, which is an odd thing. I don't think there's even a video. . . . "Read entire review in Evernote

"As "Ojos Frios" comes to a close, the album's title track, "Mona Lisa", picks up where the intro left off by incorporating those same South American/Spanish vibes into its own instrumental. And here, my friends, is where the true journey…

"Someone once told me Infinite is one of the most consistent boy-bands in Kpop. Infinite's recent album, 'Over The Top', not only backs up that claim, but convinces me completely. 'Over The Top' sounds like an extension of Infinite's previous albums…

"I genuinely enjoy listening to INFINITE's songs—albeit not all of them.  INFINITE is one of the few idol groups with a pointed style that distinguishes them from the avalanche of boy bands and girl groups in the K-Pop music sphere. At least to me,…
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