KPOPCULTURE is a digital humanities project that curates and chronicles global Korean popular music of the Hallyu (Korean wave) era. It is an open resource that organizes information about K-pop music, choreography, creative personnel as well as the media that shapes public understanding of it. Because K-pop is largely accessed by global audiences through the use of the Internet and other technologies, Omeka, a web-based content management system, is used to create this resource. Omeka allows for the scaffolding of knowledge, allowing users to look for discrete information in the form of items such as individual songs or music reviews, and information in context, such as music exhibits on individual artists or producers. As a result, KPOPCULTURE curates and chronicles multiple facets of K-pop. Curation is the selection of certain objects and the use of those objects to interpret a topic, often to educate the public. This mirrors the goal of historians, who also seek to create a narrative about the past. 


Crystal S. Anderson PhD, Project Manager, cander8@gmu.edu; csaphd5@gmail.com

Mina Ky, Research Assistant (2020-)

De'Siree Fairley, Research Assistant (2016-2019)

Anajulia Almonte, Research Assistant (2013-2014)

Background Pattern by Sedma (https://sedma.deviantart.com/)