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We Are the Future: K-pop's Musical Pedigree

Music is the foundation for K-pop. Throughout its development, it has drawn on a variety of musical traditions, sometimes reflecting the contemporary and sometimes reaching back into pop music history.

Foundations of K-pop (1992-1995) 

Seo Taiji: President of Culture | Solid | Tiger JK/Drunken Tiger | Deux 

K-pop 1.0: 1996-2000

Basics: Cleo Click-B | S.E.SShinhwaYoung Turks Club 

Special Exhibits: Shinhwa 

K-pop 2.0: 2001-2005

K-pop 3.0: 2006-2010

Basics:  2PM | Infinite Wonder Girls

Music Exhibits: Infinite | MBLAQ | UKISS

K-pop 4.0: 2011-present

Basics: B.A.P Boyfriend | EXO | MamamooVIXX 



Special Exhibits

Gentleman: Kim Hyun Joong | Flower Power: Girls' Generation (SNSD) |