Crystal S. Anderson

Widely regarded as the architect of K-pop, Yoo Young Jin is a staple producer at SM Entertainment. Yoo is known for his powerful R&B ballads as well as up-tempo dance tracks. In addition to working on his own tracks like “Unconditional Kismet,” he has also produced for K-pop’s oldest groups, including tracks like BoA’s “ID; Peace B,” Fly to the Sky’s “Sea of Love,” S.E.S’s I’m Your Girl” and Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man.”  He has also worked on some K-pop’s most enduring tracks, including  TVXQ’s “Purple Line,” SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong,” and Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry The Answer” and Super Junior M’s “Super Girl.” Yoo is often called upon to work with newer groups as well, producing tracks such as EXO’s “Mama,” Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” and NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop.”

Yoo also routinely works with SM artists to forge their signature style, including early Shinhwa, SHINee, Super Junior and TVXQ. The Curated Playlist showcases Yoo’s signature sound.  One writer calls Yoo the “godfather of the modern K-pop sound,” crediting him with “the SM Performance sound which has been incredibly influential across the whole idol industry and has helped define what K-pop sounds like” (Beyond Hallyu).

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