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This article examines the longevity of one of the oldest K-pop groups, Shinhwa.

"As a group, Shinhwa is five years younger than the Backstreet Boys, but its approach to becoming the most prominent men-who-used-to-be-boys band of its home country is years ahead of Nick Carter & co."Read entire article in Evernote

"Yes, you read the title right. The parallels between the legendary six-member group Shinhwa, debuting in 1998 and still going strong, and BTS, one of K-pop’s hottest groups at the moment, have some uncanny similarities. We’ve put together…

"Hardcore fans of Big Mama, expecting more of the group’s trademark power tracks, might be disappointed by the quartet’s latest album. But the four women’s rich vocals on their fourth outing make a strong appeal to a wider audience. Big Mama has…

Music Review of TVXQ's Mirotic

This article explores the use of social media in the global spread of K-pop.
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