Move the Crowd: Choreography and K-pop

Super Junior, It's You Dance Version

Super Junior, Don't Don Concept (<em>Kpop Hotline</em>)

Super Junior

The choreography for "It's You" demonstrates several strategies that showcase the dance moves of the 11 members of Super Junior featured in this video.  The video uses the large number of members, repeatedly breaking them up into smaller groups to perform choreography and punctuating the overall choreography with synchronized dancing and individualized performances.

The song has a dance beat, but begins with sparse orchestration that complements the minimal background.  Shot on a darkened stage, the primary focus remains on the 11 dancers. While the song’s intro does not have a strong beat, dancers engage in constant movement in three groups. Synchronized dancing begins when the beat drops. The choreography is fluid in that the dancing by the large group easily transitions into choreography by the smaller groups.  The smaller groups themselves constantly enact different configurations. Sometimes, they are divided in three groups from left to right; other times they are divided in several groups from front to back. Synchronized dancing punctuates the chorus of the song, while more varied dancing by multiple groups occurs during the verses.

The choreography also works to highlight individual dancers.  The members wear different outfits, distinguishing individual members.  Against choreography featuring constant movement, featured vocalists often move to the front when their parts are featured in the song. At these times, they employ different dance moves from the larger group.  Such performances make them stand out in the long shot employed in this video in order to capture choreography that takes advantage of the large physical space.