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The Visual Style of Girls' Generation (SNSD)

Girls' Generation (SNSD), High Cut July Seated 2012 (Soshified)

Girls' Generation, High Cut Magazine Seated 2012

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is known for its “cute” or “girly” images, but an overview of their images for music concepts, magazine shoots and other promotions show a variety.  Girls’ Generation began its career with a casual concept for their debut song, “Into the New World” in 2007, suggesting a “girl next door” image that was approachable and playful. This concept recurs through their career, such as in the concept for their 2013 Japanese album Love and Peace.  The group is just as likely to be featured in casual concepts in magazine and other promotional images. However, Girls’ Generation is equally likely to be featured in more chic images as well. They introduced the “Dark Soshi” concept for the 2011 Run Devil Run Repackage.  Yet, their chic magazine shoots and other promotional images focus on a light variation of this theme. The visual composition of Girls’ Generation’s images take advantage of the large numbers of members by either lining them up while standing or sitting or clustering them together in the middle of the frame.